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How to make your own scented candles at home

Candle Maker

Have you ever wanted to make your own beautifully scented candles, but with no idea where to start? Make your own scented candles at home by using the following tips and tricks.

…but first

Please keep in mind that these instructions are based on my own testing using soy wax, and you should do your own tests with different fragrance loads, colours and waxes. Ask your wax and fragrance oil supplier their recommended fragrance load percentage. I use between 6-9% fragrance load depending on the potency of the fragrance. Use a manual or digital thermometer to check the temperature of the wax.


Make sure you're working on a stable and level surface and secure your wicks with either hot glue or glue dots. Measure out your wax and get all your tools ready. And by tools I mean, double boiler (two pots that fit inside each other), thermometer, stirring utensil, kitchen scale, fragrance oils and wax dye (if you’re going to dye your wax).

Melting your wax

You will need to fill one pot with a a bit of water and the second pot/melting jug with wax. You only want enough water so the pot or jug of wax barely starts to float. Slowly melt your wax over a low heat to reach between 70℃ and 75℃. You want to make sure you melt the wax slowly to avoid overheating and boiling the wax too hot.

Adding Colour and Fragrance

At 60°C, add the fragrance and mix gently for about 2-3 minutes, I time myself with the timer on my phone (the crazy in me). If you're going to add color, do it before adding the fragrance to ensure that the color combines properly with the wax.

Pouring & Curing

Allow the wax to cool down to approx. 58℃ and pour the melted wax into your prepped jars. Fill your jars to the desired height and leave to cure for 12 hours. If you find that your candles doesn’t have a smooth tops, use a heatgun and lightly melt the top of your candles and voila, problem solved. If you have any extra/leftover wax, pour it into a silicone mold (if you have one) and use it for melts.

Please remember to have fun and share your finished product by using #luxburycandlestudio on Instagram.

If you have any questions, message me on Facebook or Instagram and I will part with more pearls of wisdom *jokes. I will answer any questions to the best of my ability.